Try Out Those Touted Home “magic Tools”

After buying more things, found that some of the so-called “home appliances”, in fact, just beautiful appearance, the use is not good.

These net red home “artifacts”, I have stepped in the pit for you! Proper IQ tax!

1. Stainless steel pot washing screen

I feel like I was “brainwashed” by the merchant and bought this stainless steel pot washing net. Claims that you can wash pots and pans without hands, a collection of wire ball cleaning power and the softness of a rag.

Promotional video is probably like this, without hand washing without adding detergent, so a few turns of the bowl will be clean.

Many stainless steel rings are strung together, just like a stainless steel net. Thinking of stainless steel durable ah, and easy to clean will not mold, which is not much better than the traditional dishwashing sponge?

The price is not cheap, tens of dollars, but the seller said it can be used for 30 years! But the fact is that after buying back just 3 days to use it is too much …

Because it does not have the tight cleaning effect of friction at all, just like the sound of washing dishes with a large chain of iron chains, it does not feel good, and it is not clean!

The reason is very simple. It has both the “part” advantages of steel balls and dishcloths. In fact, it lacks the fineness and depth of steel balls, and it is not as soft and clean as rags, which is quite tasteless and expensive.

2. Faucet Rack

Drainage storage of kitchen dishwashing sponges is a headache for many people. In the past, although this kind of dishwashing and wiping water bag was cheap, it was actually very tasteless. The space is too small, the drainage is poor, and the bottom is moldy over time.

This internet celebrity faucet rack looks very practical and doesn’t take up countertop space. But after my experience, it feels like a proper IQ tax.

On the one hand, it is close to the faucet, and it is often wet by splashing water, and it is prone to mold. On the other hand, the faucet often needs to be rotated, and the shelf fixed on the faucet is simply a hindrance.

As for the dishwashing cotton drain rack that I used later and felt more practical, one is this suction cup sponge nail. The front is a plastic hook, and the back is a silicone suction cup, which can be adsorbed on the inner surface of the stainless steel sink, which is easy to use and saves space. The downside is that only one dishwasher sponge can be placed.

The other is the current wrought iron drain rack, which can hold a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a dishwashing sponge and a steel wool. The face value is also good, simple and generous without being fancy.

It has a drain box under it so you don’t have to worry about soiling the countertop. Removable and washable, very convenient.

You can also use nail-free hooks to hang on the wall. It is most convenient if the sink is close to the window, which can be placed on the window sill.

3. bath artifact

As a southerner, taking a bath every day is a habit. But maybe I have oily skin, and because the back is not easy to clean, it is easy to get greasy and acne-prone, so I bought this “Japanese bathing artifact” in the live broadcast room.

According to the product introduction, the inner layer is made of silver aluminum film, which is easy to clean and not moldy.

But in terms of actual experience, its advantage is that it is thin and not moldy, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, and the mud rubbing effect is not as good as that of domestic bath towels.

It hurts to rub on the body, and it’s a little deformed after only one use. I tried it a few times and it can solve the foaming problem of the body wash. As for the rubbing mud, I couldn’t achieve it, and I threw it away soon! Changed to this Japanese style shower brush.

The bristles are fine and soft. Southerners don’t think it hurts to brush. When used together with a scrub, there is indeed a lot less oil particles on the back. The detail design is also more intimate, the handle bump and anti-slip groove are firmly grasped, and the style is simple and not fancy.

The tail has its own hanging hole for easy storage and drainage. Children also like to use it, and they can wash their backs by themselves. Because it is made of PP, there is no need to worry about mold. After brushing several times a week, my back feels much refreshed.

4. Folding clothes artifact

If you can fold this neatly, this thing might be okay. But it’s a waste of time. What kind of lazy artifact is this? It’s almost the same as making “lazy people angry”.

As far as personal experience is concerned, it is an absolute tasteless product. It is not hard enough to put a piece of clothing every time, and it takes up space if it is idle at home. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can pull the weeds!

So what kind of product is considered a good product and worth starting?

It should be more convenient and comfortable to use, and it should stand the test of time.

For example, fish scale rags, which seem to be unremarkable, only cost a few dollars a piece, but when used for housework cleaning, the effect is amazing. Especially wiping the water stains on stainless steel faucets, glass and mirrors, remove stains without leaving marks or lint, and it will be shiny!

No need to add any cleaning, just dry wipe (remember to dry wipe or wipe with a little damp). It is different from ordinary rags. It is made of microfiber and has a fish-scale texture on the surface, which has stronger decontamination power.

The water absorption is also very good, and the wiped mirror has no water stains and marks, and it is as clear as new. It can be called the “nemesis” of water stains. For a more detailed introduction, please refer to this article: 5 “premium” Items For Small L-shaped Kitchens

Try out those touted home

The disadvantage is that it cannot wipe rough surfaces, and it is easy to fluff. It is only suitable for cleaning objects with hard and smooth surfaces. It can be used in bathroom, kitchen and living room, which is cheap and easy to use.