Korea Daewoo Spherical Double Gallon Electric Pressure Cooker Review – Sold 100,000 Units

When it comes to Korea’s national home appliance brands, we are probably most familiar with Samsung and LG!

Although LG has completely withdrawn from the Chinese market, but Samsung is still very influential and overpowered Apple, Panasonic, reigning 9 “Asia’s best brand” throne.

In fact, there is a very well-known national home appliance brand in South Korea, and Samsung, LG, and ranked among the three national brands in South Korea, it is Korea DAEWOO! Even in the minds of a generation, the Daewoo Group is the symbol of Korea.

Daewoo’s household appliances have always had a boutique image, and if you’ve noticed some of the bloggers’ home photos, I’m sure Daewoo’s mini wall-mounted washing machine will be no stranger.

With solid manufacturing strength and cutting-edge experience skills, Daewoo’s washing machines, microwave ovens, hanging irons, rice cookers, multifunctional cooking machines and other products are exquisite and stylish in terms of function, appearance and operation.

Daewoo recently launched a spherical double gallon voltage cooker, superb value, rich in features, easy to operate and space-saving, so many housewives “love at first sight”, once the market sold 100,000 units, becoming a “new species” of the kitchen.

Many of the little sisters who have used this product can not help but exclaim: good products, can really enhance the happiness of life!

Unlike ordinary rice cookers and electric pressure cookers, it is designed with one pot and two gallons. A Daewoo electric pressure cooker is equivalent to buying an electric pressure cooker and rice cooker, which works well and saves valuable space in the kitchen.

One pot multi-purpose, cooking rice and soup both

Traditional pressure cooker safety hazards, electric pressure cooker is too bulky and take up space, many people choose to use the rice cooker stew, but it takes too long and easy to string taste.

The “one pot, two gallons” design of the Korean Daewoo electric pressure cooker is the perfect solution to the above problems.

It comes with a coated inner pot and a food-grade 304 stainless steel inner pot, and the two modes can be switched with a switch on the panel. The two inner pot can be switched by the switch on the panel.

The method of use is very simple, select the required liner into the pot and cover it, a flick of the finger can switch the corresponding mode, while the middle of the digital display screen will also display the corresponding function options.

The upper and lower split screen design, the upper half of the screen is the rice cooker function options, the lower half of the electric pressure cooker function options, so that people can understand at a glance.

The 4 function buttons are clear and sensitive, and the corresponding function options are displayed on the screen when you choose, which is very intuitive, and the manual can be easily mastered without reading. Select the desired mode, press the start button on it, fully automatic mode does not need to worry about.

Compared with ordinary rice cookers and pressure cookers, the difference in operation is not much, and even more simple and clear.

Spherical non-stick liner, cooked rice is soft and delicious

Although the pressure cooker cooks rice quickly, but the pressure is high, the taste of the cooked rice is sticky and loss of nutrients, cooking rice or rice cooker to save time.

Unlike many rice cookers, Daewoo electric pressure cooker uses a spherical non-stick liner, through the three-dimensional surrounding heating mode, the rice is more evenly heated, tumbling and stirring fully.

The cooked rice grains are full and distinct, soft and chewy but not rotten, not at all pressure cooker kind of sticky texture, locked nutrition and natural rice aroma, so people can not stop.

And compared with the traditional with lid type ordinary rice cooker, it is separated from the lid, whether it is serving rice or cleaning, it is much more convenient.

A good electric pressure cooker comes with cooking skills

The rich electric pressure cooker function mode is not a gimmick, but rather the essence of this Daewoo electric pressure cooker. The sophisticated microcomputer-controlled program makes tedious cooking procedures much easier. With more than 10 cooking functions such as stewing, smothering, and baking, even a white person can become a chef.

No need to struggle with how to handle the ingredients, Daewoo electric pressure cooker can be built-in cooking program, the pressure control between 0-70kPa, giving the corresponding ingredients the best pressure change, to ensure the best taste of the ingredients without losing nutrition, soup, stew, nutrition and delicious and time-saving.

Many people love to drink corn and carrot ribs soup, just need to clean all the ingredients, plus the right amount of water, half an hour later a light and delicious, nutritious soup can start to drink, easy and simple!

Who doesn’t love a pig’s trotters full of collagen? With this Korean Daewoo electric pressure cooker, you don’t need to wait for hours to simmer like an iron pot, it only takes 30-40 minutes, and the pressure cooker softens the hooves quickly and well.

After the pressure cooker treatment of the pig’s feet more tasty, eat Q pop soft, melt in the mouth, sweet and salty blend, eat you also want to suck your fingers!

Braised meat is a breeze to stew, and the excess fat, fat and lean, sweet and fluffy, nutritious and fatty but not greasy, very good for dinner.

In addition to boiling soup, stewing meat, pressure hoof these common functions, this Korean electric pressure cooker also has a waterless baking mode, do a waterless baked chicken, no water and no oil without losing nutrition, healthy and delicious.

With this Daewoo electric pressure cooker in the kitchen, with a little thought, you are also “God of food”!

Moderate appearance, thoughtful details

Adhering to the Korean Daewoo manufacturing design concept, Daewoo electric pressure cooker excellent quality, detailed workmanship also spared no effort, the design is very humane. Food-grade 304 stainless steel lid and liner, safe and secure, solid materials, heavy in the hand.

When the electric rice cooker working mode, the exhaust hole open state of the. When the electric pressure cooker is in working mode, you can manually press the large rose gold button on the panel to speed up the juice collection time. The venting hole will be slightly tilted forward, very safe and intimate.

The appearance of the design is rounded and exquisite, good-looking and space-saving. Retro style three color design: Pisces purple, Aries white, lion yellow, a variety of decoration style can easily match, placed in the kitchen looks very high.

Many imported big name rice cookers are expensive, while this Korean Daewoo electric pressure cooker is much more affordable.