5 “premium” Items For Small L-shaped Kitchens

5 “premium” items for small L-shaped kitchens – Hand sweep sensor light, Intelligent sterilization knife holder, Metering type rice box, Wall-mounted trash cans & Black single sink + faucet

If the kitchen area is very small, only about 4-5 square meters, generally choose the most common L-shaped kitchen design, every inch of space should not be wasted. The upper and lower rows of cabinets, plus drawer storage, but also added a small cart, basically to meet the kitchen storage needs.

My kitchen is small, but cleaned up every day, in addition to dishwasher, oven and microwave, but also acquired a lot of good-looking and practical kitchen supplies.

My kitchen 5 “advanced goods” for everyone to bask in, so that people hate to see, more practical!

1. Hand sweep sensor light

The space in the kitchen is long and narrow, and there is only one ceiling light installed, plus a row of hanging cabinets for storage, so it is easy to have a “shadow under the light” when cutting vegetables or serving food in the kitchen at night.

Installed a rechargeable hand-sweep sensor light under the hanging cabinets, without rewiring, the whole kitchen is much brighter and very comfortable to look at.

Hand sweep sensor light is very convenient, even if there is something in the hand does not affect the use of a light sweep that lights up, but also by hovering contactless way, as well as the following knob two ways to adjust the light brightness and switch.

The light is soft and not harsh, and the magnetic detachable power supply is easy to maintain and adsorbs very firmly. 10400mAh high-capacity battery can last up to 80 hours, which is very worry-free.

It also has an integrated timing and alarm clock function to remind yourself of cooking time. Integrated styling design with hidden installation, beautiful and practical.

2. Intelligent sterilization knife holder

During the humid weather season, it is easy for the chopping board or food to get moldy because of the small kitchen window and poor ventilation. This smart disinfection knife rack for the kitchen is very practical, combining disinfection, drying and storage functions.

There is a small baby at home, considering the need to make supplementary food for the child often, the use of sorting chopping board is more clean and will not string taste. I bought this sorting plate sterilizer.

It comes with UV sterilization and convection cycle drying function and can be set to cruise every 4 hours during the rainy season to keep knives and chopping boards clean and sterile at all times, which is a great relief.

Three different color plates and knives are provided to handle raw food, cooked food and fresh fruits and vegetables respectively, the color and icon distinction is very eye-catching to avoid stringing and cross-contamination problems.

The plate is made of food-grade PP + bamboo fiber material, which is not easy to fall off and mold, safe and environmentally friendly, so it is very safe to take care of children’s three meals a day.

It is worth mentioning that the disinfection of ultraviolet light is working in a closed chamber, do not worry about leakage safety issues. Put in the kitchen looks good, practical and not expensive.

3. Metering type rice box

This Japanese metered rice box is placed in the narrow cabinet next to the gas stove, saving more space than the traditional rice box, which looks smaller but can hold 24 pounds of rice.

The more thoughtful is that it can be set to meter out rice, press once just a bowl of rice, no longer have to worry about cooking more rice or not enough.

With a closed box, moisture-proof, insect-proof, dust-proof, rice can be kept fresh for a long time. A part of the box with a scale transparent, you can see how much rice is left.

The appearance is also good, removable and washable, except for the price is a little expensive, no other problems.

4. Wall-mounted trash cans

Do you feel that the kitchen garbage can on the floor is particularly inconvenient? You have to bend down to manage a dish or dump a garbage, and you have to worry about falling on the floor!

To the kitchen to add this wall-mounted garbage can, no holes, no sticky hooks, save space, throwing garbage also do not have to bend over. More durable than the folding type, the kind of folded position with a long time is easy to rot.

I chose this with a sliding lid type more practical, semi-automatic sliding lid design, not only can block the spread of waste odor, open the lid is also very convenient. You don’t have to worry about your pet going through the garbage can.

Wall-mounted garbage cans to the cabinet door or drawer a hang on, easy to install space-saving, kitchen floor cleaning also do not have to move the garbage cans, narrow kitchen becomes more clean and tidy.

5. Black single sink + faucet

Small households must choose a large single sink, you can match the draining rack, with a double sink is similar, but more space-saving. If you want to brush pots and pans is also very convenient, if not too small space, but also want to change a larger single sink. Black single sink faucet, texture than the photo to look better.

Selected with a black pull-out faucet, better than the traditional faucet is too much, you can change the direction and angle of the water, do cleaning is very convenient. Here we recommend that you install the choice of countertop basin, much easier to take care of than the countertop basin.

Kitchen with fish scale rags and dishwashing sponges, with iron draining rack wall storage, rack below the draining box, very convenient, do not worry about easy mold and breeding bacteria.

To recommend this fish scale wipe, than the general wipe to use too much, especially in addition to water stains is called a “magic tool”, wipe stainless steel faucets, stoves, hoods, tempered glass and other smooth surfaces, stain removal does not leave traces, do not lose hair, absorbent superb!

Unlike ordinary wipes, fish scale wipes are made of microfiber and have a special texture of fish scale lattice on both sides for greater friction ability. When cleaning remember to wet a little or dry wipe, no need to add any detergent, you can wipe the shine.

Absorption of water and dust adsorption ability is also very strong, take it to wipe the floor clean as new. The price is cheap, only a few dollars is very durable, I am the kitchen, bathroom, living room each put a different color distinction, convenient and practical.

In fact, no matter how big the kitchen, but reflects our quality of life, maintaining a clean and tidy, and comfortable kitchen environment, or well worth the investment!