4 Kinds Of Bathroom Supplies That Should Be Replaced

The bathroom is very important, although the area is not large, but plays the most important sewage work in the home.

Toilet, washing, bathing is something that almost everyone has to experience every day, because the bathroom is used so frequently, so the bathroom in the decoration and routine maintenance, are worth investing more.

A high-quality bathroom does not mean how luxurious the decoration or high value, but more details on the experience. Simply put: dry, fresh, and odorless.

4 kinds of bathroom supplies that should be replaced

Want to easily maintain a clean and comfortable bathroom, can not be separated from the correct choice of bathroom supplies, otherwise half the effort, but also reduce the quality of life.

Suggest that everyone: these 4 kinds of bathroom supplies, should have been pulled into the household “blacklist”! Replace them with more effective and practical products.

1. Autoile Automatic Toilet Cleaner: Powdered Blue Bubble Replace with: 3rd generation gel toilet bowl cleaner

Many people love to use this powdered flake blue bubble, put in the water tank to dissolve, when flushing the toilet can be incidentally clean stains, prevent the accumulation of urine scale, and at the same time play the effect of deodorization and bacteria.

4 kinds of bathroom supplies that should be replaced

However, the powder blue bubble has the defects of easy to hang wall, short duration of use, easy to store moisture deterioration and easy to stain hands.

4 kinds of bathroom supplies that should be replaced

What’s more, its outer packaging can not be completely dissolved in water, often stuck in the toilet sewer gap, causing the phenomenon of toilet leaks, many repair masters are not necessarily aware of this cause. Poor quality blue bubble will also corrode the water tank components.

This powdered blue bubble should have been pulled into the household “blacklist”, if you want to reduce the number of hand-brushing the toilet, but also worried about the above-mentioned hidden dangers, we recommend using the third generation of gel toilet bowl cleaning spirit!

Unlike the powdered blue bubble, this new product is a gel toilet bowl cleaner, the use of plant extracts, to prevent wall hanging, long-lasting use, long-lasting odor removal, adding 50% of the surface activator, cleaning power is 5 times the ordinary product!

And its capacity is also much larger than the ordinary blue bubble, a bottle equivalent to 80 pieces of blue bubble, use with two or three months no problem, without frequent replacement!

How to use is very simple, tear off the product packaging, put it into the corner of the toilet tank, the blue toilet bowl cleaning ingredients will be released. Because it is a gel component, the release is slow and even, and there is no dark color in front and light in the back when the water comes out.

Each press flush is equivalent to cleaning the toilet in all directions once, and general stains can be flushed clean in one go, truly free of manual scrubbing.

Not only does it remove dirt efficiently when flushed each time, it also forms a protective film on the ceramic glaze of the toilet, preventing the accumulation of urine scale. Toilet bowl cleaning will be much easier.

2. Cup holder toilet brush Replaced with: dissolvable disposable toilet brush

Although there is a gel toilet bowl cleaner, but when it comes to stubborn stains still need to use the toilet brush. This cup holder toilet brush is really “outdated”!

The old cup holder toilet brush is not only troublesome to install and needs holes, but the toilet brush stored in the cup will produce residual water and breed bacteria.

What makes people feel more annoyed is that for the position of the gap in the upper ring of the toilet, it cannot be cleaned deeply, causing a sanitary dead spot.

After a period of time, the hard nylon brush head is not easy to clean, and also produces odor. For people who love cleanliness can not stand, brush the toilet brush head no matter how to clean, there is always a “dirty” feeling.

This cup holder toilet brush, in fact, should also be pulled into the household “black list”. If you have a slight “cleanliness”, it is recommended to use this dissolvable disposable toilet brush is the most suitable!

A gentle push on the handle switch will hold the brush head firmly in place, and the brush head contains its own detergent that dissolves in water. The bowed handle and flat brush head make it easy to clean the toilet crevices and various hygiene corners.

Cleaning cotton is dissolvable material, cleaning ability is stronger than ordinary toilet brush, also will not hurt the toilet glaze layer. Cleaning and also anti-bacterial effect, after use that is thrown, can be flushed away with the drain, do not worry about clogging.

With this disposable toilet brush, you won’t get your hands dirty, you won’t damage the glaze, you’ll be able to clean better, and you’ll have a faint fragrance afterwards. Easily enhance the happiness of life.

3. Silicone glass squeegee. Replace With: Fish Scale Rag

After taking a shower in the bathroom, bath glass doors and mirrors are easily covered with moisture, foggy to see, not in time to wipe dry then it is easy to accumulate into scale. This Insta-famous model of multifunctional silicone glass scraper is estimated that many people have bought.

The sponge side is used to remove the stains on the glass, silicone surface used to scrape water, looks very practical, in fact, the cleaning effect is very chicken. The price is not cheap, the effect of scraping the water as shown in the picture, full of marks.

In fact, a cheap fish scale rag can easily take care of these water stains. A light wipe, stain removal does not leave a mark, no lint.

Especially for wiping mirrors, glass, stainless steel faucets and other hard and smooth surfaces, fish scale wipes are the nemesis of water stains! Unlike ordinary wipes, fish scale wipes are made of microfiber with a double-sided fish scale texture for good water absorption and scuffing ability.

It does not need any cleaning agent and shines after wiping, which is very healing for cleanliness sufferers. The cleaning ability is strong without worrying about scratching the surface of the object.

And cleaning is also very easy, unlike cotton wipes easy to stain, this fish scale wipe after rinsing with water and become clean again.

Kitchen, bathroom, wipe the floor furniture, etc., many places at home are used, cheap, durable, and good!

4. Common air fresheners. Replace With: Japan Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Aromatherapy

The bathroom will inevitably produce unpleasant odors, many people like to use cheap air fresheners, in fact, air fresheners contain certain chemical ingredients, in the small space of the bathroom, for people with allergies, is an invisible harm.

The bottom line is that air fresheners only mask the odor, and mixing the two scents together is nothing more than self-deception. In fact, nowadays, families who are concerned about the quality of life rarely use air fresheners, and aromatherapy is a better upgrade choice.

There are many kinds of aromatherapy, Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals solid aromatherapy is very popular, do not worry about spilling like liquid essential oils, more convenient and safe than open flame type sandalwood.

More satisfying is that it is not the same as air fresheners, the principle of deodorization is to first decompose the odor in the air, and then emit a natural light fragrance, deodorizing effect immediately!

The appearance is also very cute, placed in the bathroom as an ornament are beautiful!

Japan Kobayashi pharmaceutical aromatherapy details are also very thoughtful design, by rotating the bottom to adjust the size of the air window, you can control the release rate of the aromatherapy, when not in use can be closed to extend the use of time.

There are many kinds of scents to choose from. A bathroom filled with fragrance can also enhance the sense of living atmosphere.