11 Practical Details For Kitchen Renovations

A good kitchen design is not only a visual enjoyment, but also brings a sense of happiness when cooking.

For newcomers to decoration, decoration is a love-hate thing. Although the decoration process is busy and interesting, mistakes can be made if you are not careful. Especially the location of the kitchen, which involves basic water and electricity engineering, the design and layout of the kitchen, the use of various electrical appliances, etc., is very complicated.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

As a home blogger who has personally experienced several renovations, I have experienced a lot of fun and made many mistakes. I summarize 11 details of kitchen renovation experience, and hope to help everyone!

1. High and low countertops

Why should I put high and low countertops in the first place? Facts have proved that the design of high and low countertops makes people who cook feel much more comfortable. Do not bend over to wash vegetables or lift your shoulders when cooking .

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

In the past, the standard height of cabinet countertops was 80CM. With the popularization of overall cabinets, many people found that it was neither reasonable nor humane to use countertops of the same height for people with large height differences. The design of high and low countertops came into being.

If you have noticed, the cabinet models of IKEA are already high and low countertops.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The high and low countertops mean that the sink and the vegetable cutting area are raised, and the cooking area is lowered.

As for the appropriate height of the countertop, the height of the following chef shall prevail . The popular standard is height/2±5cm . It is best to simulate the experience to be more accurate.

2. Sliding door with ultra-thin floor rail

If conditions permit, the door opening of the kitchen should be enlarged as much as possible, and it is better to install sliding doors. The swing door is inconvenient to enter and exit, and it also affects the lighting and permeability of the kitchen.

If you can only install a swing door, choose a glass kitchen and bathroom door with better light transmission. Although Changhong glass is beautiful, the uneven texture of the glass stripes is not conducive to cleaning.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The sliding door is more convenient to use, and the permeability of the large-area glass sliding door is also better. However, the biggest problem of sliding doors is that the gap between the ground rails is not easy to take care of, which can easily lead to dead ends of hygiene .

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

This problem can be easily solved by using a sliding door, including the type of barn door that many people like.

However, the requirements for installing the hanging sliding door are relatively high: 1. The material must be of reliable and solid quality, which can ensure that the long-term track is not deformed, and the sliding is easy and smooth; 2. The top of the hanging rail needs to be solid beams and solid walls on the left and right to ensure firm installation.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Therefore, from the perspective of safety and economy, sliding doors are more practical, but pay attention to the choice of floor rails, do not choose that kind of groove, but this kind of convex ultra-thin floor rail , which is safe, practical and easy to take care of. Robots can easily pass.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

3. Do not use small-sized antique bricks

The choice of kitchen floor tiles, do not use such small-sized antique tiles, which are good-looking and non-slip but very impractical. Over time, the cleaning of the gaps will make you doubt your life.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

In the same way, the hexagonal small bricks of the Internet celebrity style are not suitable for use in kitchen floor tiles, and their good-looking appearance often cannot stand the test of life .

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Just choose ordinary kitchen polished tiles, which is very convenient to take care of. In fact, the most important ground for anti-skid is clean and not greasy, and the anti-skid performance of general tiles is very good.

4. Kitchen circuit renovation

There are many people who talk about the renovation of kitchen circuits. Generally speaking, no mistakes are made in the major aspects. I will only mention a few details.

The cross-section of the wire used in the kitchen should be at least 4 square millimeters, and the socket installed in the kitchen has a switch to avoid repeated plugging and unplugging. The socket should not be too close to places with water, such as sinks, stoves, and spatulas hanging above to drain water.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The most important point is that when the water and electricity are transformed, the refrigerator should have a separate circuit, so that when you go out for a long time, you can turn off other power sources and keep the refrigerator powered on.

5. Hardware parts should choose high-quality products

The hardware used in the kitchen has to be selected well, such as hinges and handles, so there is no need to save this money. Inexpensive hardware is often made of zinc alloy, which is easy to break.

6. Water level treatment

Nowadays, more and more appliances are used in the kitchen, and the positioning of water and electricity is more complicated than before. Water and electricity positioning should consider water purifiers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and ovens.

Also don’t forget to install a pre-filter.

Although the pre-filter is not expensive, it is the first coarse filtration equipment for water in the whole house, which protects the safety of other water equipment and improves the happiness of life.

The pre-filter should be selected as much as possible with a large flow rate, and the large capacity of 4T can fully satisfy the smooth water supply of the whole house . In addition, the filtration accuracy is above 40 microns.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The pre-water filtration system needs to be cleaned regularly, and the backwash function is cleaner than the forward flush. Brands try to choose big brands, which are not expensive.

7. The inner water retaining strip is integrated with an arc shape

The inner water retaining strip of the cabinet countertop should be made into such an arc-shaped one, which is convenient for cleaning and has no hygienic dead corners.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Using the sticky water retaining strip, after using it for a period of time, there will always be dead corner stains on the joints of the walls, and some may even become moldy, and it will not work with a brush.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

It is recommended that you use mildew-removing gel, apply it on it, leave it for a few hours, and wipe it with a rag.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The mildew removal gel has a good mildew removal effect on the bathroom countertops, mildew spots in the washing machine apron, and mildew on the edge of the kitchen sink, which is simple and convenient.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Especially in places where the weather is relatively humid, there is a period of time in the house, it is very practical to prepare a little mildew removal gel, which is clean and hygienic.

As for the outside of the cabinet countertop, it is not recommended to make water retaining strips, it is not beautiful, and even a cutting board will not be placed flat. If you are worried about the dripping of kitchen waste, you can choose a wall-mounted trash can, which is very convenient.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The trash can can be hung directly on the cabinet door, so there is no need to bend over to deal with the kitchen waste, so as to avoid accidental garbage everywhere. And it is also a slide-type design, which is very easy to use.

The kitchen becomes cleaner and tidy, and you don’t have to worry about odors escaping or pets knocking over the trash can with the lid on.

8. Make the top of the cabinet hanging cabinet, or install the edge band

Cabinet hanging cabinets can achieve the top, which can not only increase the storage space, but also prevent sanitary dead corners. Or install edge banding, neat and beautiful.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

The kitchen is a place that is prone to oil stains, and the less sanitary dead corners, the better. The easiest way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy is to wipe it every day.

9. Use a pull-out faucet

Pull-out faucets are much easier to use than traditional faucets. It is recommended that you buy a pull-out faucet with a booster function , which is very convenient for flushing sinks and brushing pots.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

If there is no pull-out faucet installed or the decoration budget is limited, you can also choose the 360° universal faucet extender, which can realize 80% of the functions of the pull-out faucet, and the price is not high.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

There is also a faucet aerator that can rotate 720°, which easily solves the defects of the traditional faucet that the distance is too short, the angle cannot be adjusted, and the water splashes on the countertop easily .

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

These two universal faucet aerators have two water outlet modes, the bubble water is gentle and gentle, comfortable and does not splash water, the shower water has a booster function, and has a strong impulse. With a large-angle universal rotation, it is very convenient to use.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Relatively speaking, the large-angle universal faucet aerator is suitable for use in the kitchen, and the 720° dual-function aerator is more suitable for use in the bathroom.

10. The sink is used as an under-counter basin, not a middle-counter basin or an over-counter basin

For the installation of the sink, I insist that everyone choose an under-counter basin, not a counter-basin or an over-counter basin. The reason is very simple, it is very easy to take care of, and reduces mold and sanitary dead corners.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Many people worry about the problem of under-counter basins falling. In fact, they can fix the buckles at the bottom, which is also very stable.

11. Don’t do an open sideboard

Many people like to make open sideboards and diamond-shaped wine cabinets. They may not be used for a year, but they are very difficult to take care of.

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Is it neat and good-looking to make such a cabinet with a door?

11 practical details for kitchen renovations

Many people often ask, how to decorate the kitchen? In the final analysis, ease of use and maintenance is the most important thing, remember to avoid focusing only on appearance .

New house decoration, pay attention to these 11 kitchen decoration “details” experience, and add more happiness after moving in.